I frequently use Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux (Debian, KDE4). I have a MacBook which I use by default to browse the Internet, answer email, etc. I turn on my desktop computer and run Linux if I’m about to edit a video. If I am about to code a little something from home, I’ll turn my desktop and run Linux. Of the three OS, Windows XP has the least enjoyable default interface. I usually customize it to make it look more like the MacBook one.

Safari, Dock and Launcher

The launcher

First thing I do is install a launcher (to replace the missing Mac OS X Spotlight). I use Colibri. I have also tried Enso Humanized.

The Dock

The second thing I really miss is the Dock. On Windows I have used Rocket Dock, Object Dock and RK Launcher to replace this important item. Currently I am running RK Launcher and totally hid the Windows taskbar. There is a theme for RK Launcher shared on DevianArt by Asdrubale88 to make your dock look just like the Leopard one.

The theme

At work, on my windows, I run Rocket Dock and HUmanized Enso as a launcher and didn’t go any further. But on my home computer, I always change the default theme to use either or Panther or a Leopard one. There are several availalbe but I usually look for one on Deviant Art or on CrystalXP.net. Right now, I am trying with the MacOSXSmooth from CrystalXP.

Wallapper, Dock and Theme

The Desktop wallpaper

If there is one thing I hate about Windows it’s the default wallpaper with the hills. It never stays on my computer more than 10 minutes after installation. I usually replace it by no wallpaper at all until I have time to look for something else. A good place to start is interfacelift. At the moment, I am using the Apple logo centered on a black backgroung.

The cursor set

It is possible to go further than that and also change the mouse cursors set. An easy to install Mac OS X cursor set is available on Usher.


If you really want your windows to emulate Mac OS X you can also install an equivalent to Expose like Shock Aero 3D.


More information

I have been doing this [customize Win XP to look like mac] for quite a while but just had to do it again on a reinstallation of my home computer. To find most of these informations back, I read through this post on WikiHow.

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