Subsonic is a web application allowing you to stream or download your music collection over the Internet. It is the newest application of the kind after the famous Ampache and Jinzora. I have recently tried Ampache but was disapointed by the user experience so when Framasoft added a notice about Subsonic, I was immediatly interested.

The installation is pretty simple:

  1. Download the standalone version
  2. Untar the downloaded archive in the directory of your choice for example /var/subsonic
  3. Edit if you feel you need to change the default settings (port or memory allowed)

You are now ready to launch subsonic by running

To use Subsonic, connect to http://<your_server>:8080

Connect using the admin:admin account and you should now see the Subsonic main page.

To add music to your collection, browse to Music Folder and add your music collection, for example

Rock    /mnt/data/music/rock

You can now log out, sign in using your user and enjoy your music from anywhere

Subsonic Main page

Subsonic Main page

One nice feature offered by Subsonic is to reencode your music to a lower bitrate to limit the bandwidth usage, to do so, you need Lame. Download the lame archive from the official site, untar it, and rename the generated folder to “lame”. Then, copy this folder to /var/subsonic/transcode. You’re all done. Enjoy 😉

Browse to the settings and immediately change the admin password. You can then create a new user for yourself.

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