I am a fairly new Mac user but I already have two Mac computers (where does the time goes, right?). I primarely use an iMac but lately I have been running some tasks on the MacBook and the iMac at the same time. I found the constant change of keyboard and mouse difficult especially because it’s better to work on a laptop when it is in front of you but then you have to move your regular keyboard out of the way and pretty soon you have no place to put all the other oddities laying on your desk (external hard drives, iphone, headphones and coca cola on the rocks). So, I asked Google for a solution and Google suggested Teleport.

Teleport allows you to use a single (magic)mouse and keyboard set to control several (mac os x) computers. To switch from one computer to another, simply direct your mouse to the side of the screen pressing the shortcut key of your choice and your cursor arrives on the other machine. At the same moment, your keyboard is also controlling the other machine. Even better, what was on your clipboard on machine 1 now is on your clipboard on machine2. Isn’t that awesome?

As you can see above, the iMac has two screens (on the left) and the MacBook is ont he right. If I am on the Imac and move my mouse left, I am on my second display. If I move my mouse to the right border of the screen and press control, my mouse takes over the MacBook.

Little icing on the cake, I actually use the second screen DVI port to plug the screen as the iMac secondary display. I use the same screen VGA port to plug the macBook secondary display output. If I am using the MacBook, all I have to do is switch input on the extra screen and now the laptop enjoys dual display awesomeness. Now, this is really geekly sweet! If you have more than one Mac OS X systems, check Teleport out.

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