When Derrick and I moved in together, we ended up with two complete sets of the entire Bob Dylan official discography. Since we’re BobCats, we kept Derrick’s discs because they were so old they were collector items and we kept mine because they were newer and less scratched. We also ended up with a combine DVD collection of 50%-50% Region 1 and region 2 DVDs. Problem is, since I switched to Mac, I have had to stick to one region or the other. Finally, as we’re about to go back to the US for a while, I had to break this region restriction on my drives.

After a little research, I found out what my drives were.

Go to System Profiler > Disc Burning and read the name of your drive in bold.

Second, I read that these drives could be RPC2 patched. That means that, once patched, I could change the region anytime and my region change counter would be reset to 5 after each reboot. That sounds good enough for me.

Third, I studied the procedure which involves (for LG drives):

  1. MCSE, the short name for “MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool for DVD-Writers by ala42” to be used running Windows
  2. flasher, a great utility by devilsclaw to easily flash firmwares on LG drives (tutorial)
  3. the firmware to your drive which you should look for in the rpc1.org database
  4. and… a few Terminal geek moves

The procedure

  1. Download the firmware for your drive and the MCSE tool
  2. Unzip both files and launch MCSE (using Windows)
  3. Open your firmware file in MCSE (load button), check the box ‘rpc2 auto reset’
  4. Save the modified firmware
  5. Back to Mac OS, put flasher and the modified firmware in a folder, launch Terminal and cd into that directory
  6. detect what drive you need to work on by running flasher -D (if you have a single drive, its ID should be 1, 1 is assumed as your ID in all the commands below)
  7. Dump your existing firmware to file flasher -d 1 -m main_firmware.bin and flasher -d 1 -c core_firmware.bin
  8. Archive these files
  9. Convert the modified firmware into loadable files by running flasher -r modified_firmware.exe, that will generate a MAIN and CORE firmware files
  10. Load these files as your new firmware with flasher -d 1 -f MAIN_XXXXX and flasher -d 1 -f CORE_XXXXX
  11. You should be done, reboot your computer, insert a DVD from another region. You will still get the prompt to change region, ignore it. Launch VLC. VLC should read your DVD and ignore the region restriction. Victory
  12. Now you can change your Region in Mac OS X DVD Player and after every reboot, your change count will be reset

Below are the links to the files I used and the commands I typed to get it going.

The MacBook


Firmware: GSA-S10N_AP12_Apple

The iMac


Firmware: GA11N_KA16



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  3. Comment by Brian on December 1, 2012 at 1:10 pm Reply

    In your instructions, I ran into problems where I got “flasher: command not found”. if this error occurs, you need to put a ./ in front of it so the command would be ./flasher -D etc

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