Before I was a mac user, I have used Windows and Linux for several years. I still use Linux daily (via SSH) and I still see Windows running on machines all around me. From these two worlds, there are very few things that I am missing on Mac OS X.

From the Windows world, I would like to get AnyDVD, DVD Shrink (that is a cool name for a cool soft) and IrfanView. From my Linux setup, there is one thing that I’ve missed: Amarok.
Every now and then I try to compile Amarok on my mac. So far I had tried using MacPorts but this week end, I found out it could also work using FInk so I tried to install it. Fink is a linux port for Mac OS X which works pretty closely to aptitude on Debian.
The installation, on Snow Leopard, can only be done from the source but it’s simple enough:

Install Apple XCode
Download the Fink source
Untar the package

<br />
tar -xvzf fink-0.29.10.tar.gz<br />

Launch the bootstarp file

cd fink-0.29.10<br />

Add fink to your path


Update fink

fink selfupdate

Finally, in order to install Amarok, switch to the unstable branch by doing

fink configure

update your fink distribution again

fink selfupdate

And try installing Amarok

fink install amarok

It doesn’t compile for me at this point (it failed on kdebase) but I’ll try again. In the meantime, fink works.

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