A little help with Grep

January 14, 2011 | 1 Comment

I was triggered by this post on ReadWriteWeb to write a small bash script to make it easy for me to use grep to look for a pattern in my source code.

The post on ReadWriteWeb points to the -i -r -E -n -C –colors options to make grep recursively and case insensitively search for a pattern and displays the result with colors. I wanted to make it easy for me to use all these by doing search . “->foo\(“ for example.

First, I created the following search.sh script and made it executable

grep -inIEr --color=ALWAYS $2 -C1 $1

Then, I edited my .bash_profile file and added

alias search='/path_to/search.sh'

Then, I reloaded my profile by doing source .bash_profile and tested my search function

search . "->load\->"

Nothing complicated but it’s pretty handy

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1 Comment to "A little help with Grep"

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