Recently, I’ve been working on a Microsoft addin allowing users to post to bluekiwi from Microsoft Office. I liked the feature myself and discovered Microsoft Office also enabled publishing to WordPress and set out looking for such a solution for Sun Weblog Publisher seems to be the extension to do just that and here is how it works.

  • Download and install the extension (if you have any problem, running Mac OS X (I had an error saying “Failed to load the Java implementation) simply reinstall entirely. The bug comes from a change of location of the Java JRE in Mac OS best I could figure out)
  • Once the extension is installed, open OOo and go to Tools > Extension Manager ad edit the settings for the Sun Weblog publisher one and enter the type and URL of your blog.

To publish your document, simply go to File > Send and select “to weblog”. You’ll have the choice to pubish your post as a draft or directly to your blog.

Finally, click on  “OK”. Strangely enough, you will get an error message but your post was more than likely published anyway ( I suspect WordPress changed something in its API and the extension doesn’t get the response it expects).

Of coure, this entry was posted from Open Office 3.3.0 on Mac OS X (images included).

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    Recently, I’ve been working on a Microsoft addin allowing users t…

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