From time to time, I feel like testing a Linux distrib. again. I always used Debian on my servers so, for me, on a desktop, the easy solution was Ubuntu. Then I heard about Mint debian.
I just downloaded the Mint debian 10.iso file and ran it on my Imac with VirtualBox in a matter of minutes… here’s how :

If you don’t already have it, download and install Virtual Box. Launch it

You start by creating a New Virtual Machine by clicking New. That will launch the wizard shown below:

Click Next

Mint isn’t an option so I just picked Linux 2.6 here

I set the memory to 512Mb but that can be changed later in the settings

Select the creation of a new hard disk

That will prompt a new wizard for the hard disk creation. I named it, picked a location and set the size to 8Gb. That’s it, the virtual machine is created.

Now, back to the main menu (the first picture, way on top), this time, click on Settings.The trick to boot from the .iso file is to go to Storage, select the CDRom and mount the iso file…

Now, back to the main menu. Click Start to launch the virtual machine. It will boot from the iso file and launch Mint as a live distrib. From the desktop, you can click no the install Mint shortcut and follow the usual Linux installation steps (it’s pretty straightforward with Mint). Turn off the machine when asked to. Go back to the settings and unmount the iso file. Restart the machine. Welcome to Mint!

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