That’s it, I have switched away from the flag ship text editor of all web dev running OS X. Why ?

I gave Sublime Text 2 a try after upgrading to Lion. With Lion, Textmate started acting quirky. I had display bugs when closing a tab sometimes. At first, I did’t care much for Sublime’s interface (and hated the icon) and as soon as Textmate 2 beta came out, I switched back to my usual editor. But, there is one thing I had got addiced to in the meantime : Sublime is fast, lightning fast. Switching from one file to another is a pleasure and with TextMate 2 it had become waaayyy to slow. And so, after reading this post about icon and looks tweaks, I switched – again.


Tweaking Sublime Text

The Icon

Even if the latest update came with an icon, I prefer to use the one by dmatarazzo (available on GitHub)

The Look ‘n’ Feel

I really liked the way TextMate 2 was going with its new interface and I find that the Soda look’n’feel for Sublime brings the same simplicity and efficiency to Sublime.

What makes switching to Sublime possible is that it supports TextMate’s bundles and themes so I imported Tomorrow from my Textmate to Sublime.

Sweetness Everywhere

I try to separate the work computer from the personal computer but it doesn’t mean I don’t code a little bit on the personal computer… So I like for my settings and packages to keep in sync. It was possible with TextMate using Dropbox and it still is possible with Sublime. Move packages, installed packages and pristine packages to Dropbox and create some symlinks.

Awesome Bundles and add-ons

I installed the Package Control and used to install the As Above package but that’s just a start because there are a bunch of cool packages in addition to the existing compatible TextMate bundles.

I installed these two snippets for JSON and XML formatting and validation.

One more thing

Setting up Sublime Text 2, I found this application that will generate themes for TextMate / Sublime Text.

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  1. Comment by Omis on August 30, 2012 at 6:59 pm Reply

    I always been a big Textmate Fan Till Sublime Text Except the icon which really sucks haha, but great articles on your blog bonne continuation.

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