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After working with SAML (ADFS and SimpleSAML) these past few months, I’m now testing CAS Server.

Here is how to install CAS Server on OS X for developers needing to integrate an app with such an auth. system.

First, we need Tomcat :

brew install tomcat

Now, we will need the JAVA mysql connector. Download it from mysql site and copy the .jar file to /Library/Java/Extensions/

Make sure Tomcat runs

cd /usr/local


# Tomcat should display info on how to use catalina

./catalina run

# Now tomcat runs and http://localhost:8080 should respond


Second, now let’s get to CAS

Download the archive.

Unzip it

Copy the CAS module to the Tomcat webapps folder

cp -R cas-server-3.5.2/modules/cas-server-webapp-3.5.2.war  /usr/loca/Cellar/tomcat/7.0.41/libexec/webapps/

Restart catalina and go to http://localhost:8080/cas-server-webapp-3.5.2

Now you can login using any login and password as long as they are the same 😉


I gathered help on how to install tomcat and how to get going with CAS here and here.

You can find some CAS literature here.

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