I use Dropbox to sync, among other things, many of my application and profile settings (.bashrc files for example or Sublime Text preferences). I wanted to synchronize these same files with my Debian server even though it does not have a graphical interface installed. Good news, it’s possible. Yes, Dropbox rocks ! How to Download […]

Playing with my brand new ZSH prompt, I needed to get a preview of my terminal colors. To see the result above, you can : download this script [display_colors.py] and save it locally run it with python /path/to/display_colors.py –terse When working on your prompt (or any other output you with to colorize), you can pick […]

Bash to ZSH

January 26, 2013 | 1 Comment

A couple of weeks ago, I switched from bash to zsh on my Mac OS X machine, today, I decided it was time to do the same to my linux server running Debian Squeeze. Here is how to switch : * As root, 1aptitude install zsh * run 1chsh <username> * Enter your user’s password […]

Recently, I was given a Virtual Machine development appliance to work with. The machine was running Debian which I like but it had been installed in French which I … dislike. First, I find Debian to be not so well translated and I’d rather use it in English. Second, I use qwerty keyboards so the […]

Teambox is an open sourced project collaboration software with simple task managements, file sharing and wiki collaborations for small teams. Teambox can be used in a hosted mode (Saas version with various plans depending on how many team members and projects you need to manage) on teambox.com or the code can be downloaded from GitHub […]

From time to time, I feel like testing a Linux distrib. again. I always used Debian on my servers so, for me, on a desktop, the easy solution was Ubuntu. Then I heard about Mint debian. I just downloaded the Mint debian 10.iso file and ran it on my Imac with VirtualBox in a matter […]

The FTP protocol is simple to use. In a console, type ftp <host> to connect to your host. Enter your login and password when prompted and use get to download and put to upload a file. But what about doing that in a bash script ? Here is a working example of an FTP upload […]

If you install Debian on a Dedibox dedicated server, by default, you can not send emails from a PHP script (or by any call to sendmail). In order to enable that, you need to reconfigure exim (which is the MTA installed by default). Run dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config. Select the Internet mode and answer the few following […]

I finally decided to use a single dedicated server instead of several distinct web hosting services for the different blogs I run. I picked a Dedibox server and added a backup option to have access to an extra storage space on another computer. There are two things I want to backup : my website files […]

World Gone Web hacked

January 8, 2011 | 3 Comments

On Monday morning, I received an email from Google Webmaster Tools letting me know that my WordPress blog had been hacked and was temporarily blacklisted. Users accessing my blog using Google Chrome or Firefox were advised to stay away for safety. I appreciate Google’s notification of this problem as well as their concern (and Mozilla’s) […]

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