I happen to know an American in Paris. Expats have a wide range of specific problems that most people don’t really ever worry over, for example : how do you teach a child two languages (hoping the child won’t mix them up) do you have to declare/pay taxes in your country of origin ? which […]

From what I understand, the Picasa application on Windows enables the download of all the photos contained in a given album but that isn’t the case on Mac. In addition, some prefer not to install the Picasa Desktop application for Mac and it shouldn’t be necessary to do so just to download pictures. There is […]

About a year and a half ago, the price of Hard Drives (and their size) suddenly made it possible for us to imagine having most of our content (music, DVDs) archived on Hard Drives and easily accessible across devices. As it turns out, we are still in the process of importing some of our CDs […]

World Gone Web hacked

January 8, 2011 | 3 Comments

On Monday morning, I received an email from Google Webmaster Tools letting me know that my WordPress blog had been hacked and was temporarily blacklisted. Users accessing my blog using Google Chrome or Firefox were advised to stay away for safety. I appreciate Google’s notification of this problem as well as their concern (and Mozilla’s) […]

First, I must confess that I like trying software out. That’s probably how I ended up having some many accounts with so many services and having a Tumblelog AND a WordPress blog. Since this blog is not running on wordpress.com, it is for me to remember and backup my database and files from time to […]

I don’t remember how I’ve heard about Chive, a young alternative to PhpMyAdmin (version 0.3 was released less than a week ago). I believe it was a link on twitter. There seem to be two policies when it comes to a MySQL browser for web developers: the desktop app or the web app. A lot […]

If you ever wonder where your readers are from, if you ever need to adjust your application to the origins of its users; you can determine the geographic location of a connection by using an IP to Country table. I should start by saying that I do not always like the way websites use this […]

Subsonic is a web application allowing you to stream or download your music collection over the Internet. It is the newest application of the kind after the famous Ampache and Jinzora. I have recently tried Ampache but was disapointed by the user experience so when Framasoft added a notice about Subsonic, I was immediatly interested. The installation […]

Two months ago, Derrick and I opened another blog dedicated to my other main point of interest: Cinema and Video. After a few weeks of writing content for our blog, quite a bit of information has accumulated. Sometimes, we find it necessary to look at our pasts posts in order to get a piece of information. […]

I am not much of a Facebook user but decided to log in today to see what was new and try and give my profile page an update. As soon as I logged in, I was impressed by a “new” feature (it might not be that new but like I said, i do not connect […]

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