These past two months, I’ve helped two people start a tumblr blog. One of them is just a place for my daughter’s day care to share pictures of children with the parents. For obvious reasons, this blog is private. Tumblr is simple to use and the day care had no problem posting their photos and […]

After four years of intense use, I decided to renew my iMac this year, when the new great looking, super slim, incredibly fast, shiny new iMac 27 arrived, I decided to not carry all my stuff over at once but take the time to reinstall what I used the most and leave most of my […]

We live in an awesome place in the country and love every minute of it, the only possible drawback being that our Internet bandwidth is not what it used to be 😉 . We can’t complain though, even Netflix works, but downloading big files (such as a linux dristrib) is almost impossible. Eventually, we realized […]

Warning : personal life and rant in this post, keep reading at your own risk. I open Zite once a day and flip through the latest Programming, Movies and Tech news. This evening – again – I captured a glimpse of an article title something like “Steve Jobs was right: the iPad killed the notebook”. […]

I use Dropbox to sync, among other things, many of my application and profile settings (.bashrc files for example or Sublime Text preferences). I wanted to synchronize these same files with my Debian server even though it does not have a graphical interface installed. Good news, it’s possible. Yes, Dropbox rocks ! How to Download […]

Happy New Year

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2012 in a glance

Livebox and Freebox are DSL box provided by Orange and Free Internet providers to their customers in France. These  boxes allow their owners to connect to the Internet (DSL), create a home network (router, wifi access point), make Voice Over IP calls and watch TV. They are known in France as “quadruple play boxes” and […]

That’s it, I have switched away from the flag ship text editor of all web dev running OS X. Why ? I gave Sublime Text 2 a try after upgrading to Lion. With Lion, Textmate started acting quirky. I had display bugs when closing a tab sometimes. At first, I did’t care much for Sublime’s […]

 I upgraded to OS X Lion on release day (I’m more of a geek all the time) and I was very confused with iCal. It immediatly appeared that all the events I created were now set to “all day” by default and I found this very annoying (they used to be set for the default […]

Just a quick note on how to achieve the following purpose. Say you have a 3 months old baby and your mother sends you a 3 month old birthday ecard. Say you wish to download the animation of that ecard and share it on the blog you keep for your family and close friends. I […]

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