I suppose there are several definitions of leadership and as many sets of recommendations whether which “leader” you talk to. I suppose a platoon leader, a political leader, a tech industry team leader won’t have the same perception of leadership since the stakes are not exactly the same. Still, Major Richard Winters‘ vision of leadership […]

Today I tried a new task at work. Instead of coding, I wrote about coding. This is a scary thing to attempt, especially if your writing is aimed for people from the other side of the wall. Those who look with suspicion at your screen when all you have showing is a dark console window, […]

Thomas Jefferson Ten Rules

September 18, 2008 | 1 Comment

I’m back from a three week vacation in the United States. We went to North Carolina for over two weeks where we shared our time between the Outer Banks and the Appalachains Montains (I love this State more and more everytime I get a chance to see more of it). Anyway, there will be pictures […]

I grabbed a copy of “l’ordinateur, une histoire de l’informatique” (or in english: the computer: an illustrated history)at the public library and just finished the journey through some 650 years of computing lead by Mark Frauenfelder. The book presents and describes all the important technical discoveries achieved along the centuries in order to, one day, […]

Ten est aux opérateurs de téléphonie mobile ce que Free est aux fournisseurs d’accès Internet. Ten offre, à un prix équivalent pour un même forfait voix, un forfait voix + data qui permet l’utilisation de MSN Messenger en illimité et l’envoi et la réception d’emails sur trois adresses différentes gratuitement (l’usage de la connexion data […]

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