My goal here was to update a dev server anytime I commit a file. The simpliest way to do that seemed to create a post-commit hook. The difficulty though, came from file ownership and user issues. Basically, the post-commit script is executed as Apache : www-data on debian. And this user, on my setup, didn’t […]

The mod_vhost_alias offers a powerful way to map URL and file locations. Do you remember in school, when you had an user account on the school’s server and each student could host a website out of his home’s www folder ? Well, the school admin was using Apache’s mod_userdir to map urls such as […]

I use Dropbox to sync, among other things, many of my application and profile settings (.bashrc files for example or Sublime Text preferences). I wanted to synchronize these same files with my Debian server even though it does not have a graphical interface installed. Good news, it’s possible. Yes, Dropbox rocks ! How to Download […]

Piwik is an open source Google Analytics like tool. Normally, it works by setting up piwik and adding a tracking code (JS or PHP or any code able to call the API) to record your site’s or app’s usage. Another option is to use piwik to analyze your webserver’s logs to generate tracking infos for […]

The problem : The problem is famous : how to keep multiple computers in sync in order to have access to our data no matter where we are, no matter which computer we are using. It isn’t the first time I wonder about how to improve this aspect of my computer setup and I must […]

On tuesday this week, my iMac started acting up. It would boot successfully, run normally for a while but sometimes hang from 20 to 60 seconds in a row with the spinning beach ball cursor. I quickly identified two things : hangs would occur when launching apps or triggering the launcher (spotlight, Alfred) which meant […]

Recently, I was given a Virtual Machine development appliance to work with. The machine was running Debian which I like but it had been installed in French which I … dislike. First, I find Debian to be not so well translated and I’d rather use it in English. Second, I use qwerty keyboards so the […]

As I understand, this post might soon be outdated if the next version of Virtual Box does manage to natively run VMWare Player appliances. Still, this version hasn’t be released yet and, since the VMWare Player doesn’t exist for OS X, I had to convert an appliance from VMWare player to Virtual Box. Here are […]

If you are a Mac user only, you might not be aware of the trail of files our OS leaves in every folder you open and browse but as soon as you share data/external hard drives or network drives with a Windows or Linux user (or if you use multiple OS) they become a bummer […]

Recently, I stumbled on the Textmate droplet by Henrik Nyh allowing me to quickly open a file or a folder in Textmate by dragging it to the Finder toolbar. Since I had just setup iTerm2 and learned to script it with AppleScript, I figured I’d put the two together and create my own iTerm2 droplet. […]

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