My goal here was to update a dev server anytime I commit a file. The simpliest way to do that seemed to create a post-commit hook. The difficulty though, came from file ownership and user issues. Basically, the post-commit script is executed as Apache : www-data on debian. And this user, on my setup, didn’t […]

We live in an awesome place in the country and love every minute of it, the only possible drawback being that our Internet bandwidth is not what it used to be 😉 . We can’t complain though, even Netflix works, but downloading big files (such as a linux dristrib) is almost impossible. Eventually, we realized […]

Playing with my brand new ZSH prompt, I needed to get a preview of my terminal colors. To see the result above, you can : download this script [] and save it locally run it with python /path/to/ –terse When working on your prompt (or any other output you with to colorize), you can pick […]

Bash to ZSH

January 26, 2013 | 1 Comment

A couple of weeks ago, I switched from bash to zsh on my Mac OS X machine, today, I decided it was time to do the same to my linux server running Debian Squeeze. Here is how to switch : * As root, 1aptitude install zsh * run 1chsh <username> * Enter your user’s password […]

Today, I was tempted to take control of a Windows machine remotely in console mode as I’m trying to script the launch and use of VLC. A quick Google search reveleaed the existence of the sshwindows project which is a more lightweight solution than a full cygwin installation. Here are the installation steps : Download […]

As I understand, this post might soon be outdated if the next version of Virtual Box does manage to natively run VMWare Player appliances. Still, this version hasn’t be released yet and, since the VMWare Player doesn’t exist for OS X, I had to convert an appliance from VMWare player to Virtual Box. Here are […]

At bluekiwi, I constantly have no less than 10 opened terminal sessions at the same time. Because it is so easy to launch a command in the wrong window (on the wrong server), I got used to always order my tabs the same way and always give them the same name. As I needed more […]

The FTP protocol is simple to use. In a console, type ftp <host> to connect to your host. Enter your login and password when prompted and use get to download and put to upload a file. But what about doing that in a bash script ? Here is a working example of an FTP upload […]

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