In Sublime Text, go to Preferences -> Browse packages. Go to the PHP folder and create an empty file PHP.sublime-build. Edit this file and enter : 12345{ "cmd": ["php", "-l", "$file"], "selector": "source.php", "file_regex": "^Parse error: .* in (.*?) on line ([0-9]*)" } Now, when editing a .php file, press Cmd+B to run php-l on […]

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    photo of Samantha Halfon Samantha Halfon
    Software Engineer
    blueKiwi software
    Paris, France
    I enjoy playing with my computer(s), listening to Bob Dylan (and related artists) and watching movies (especially if they were directed by Martin Scorsese or John Cassavetes). Sometimes, I play a little guitar... If not doing any of the above, I am either riding a small red bike around Paris, or, making videos. About my videomaking please check out World Wide Angle and its blog.