<myLife>While boyfriend is busy ripping and sorting our CDs into an amazing music collection, I try and reduce our DVD collections to a reasonable amount of shelves. In the end, it should fit on a large amount of 2Gb hard drives and I’ll stack discs in the attic.</myLife> To make my ripping job easier, I […]

Just a quick quick how to on this (my drive is the Samsung SE-S084F) Download the firmware [see all : http://www.samsungodd.com/eng/Firmware/FWDownload/FWDownload.asp] Download the flash tool Open the flash tool, load the modified firmware and run the tool, reboot Use DVD Info X to make sure your drive is region free Use Region X to change DVD zones time […]

One of the thing I wanted to do with the iPad was to watch movies on the go (remember the last time you flew transatlantic and you had to watch The Karate Kid ?…) At this point, I had no Movies, nor TV Shows in my iTunes so I am really starting from scratch here. […]

When Derrick and I moved in together, we ended up with two complete sets of the entire Bob Dylan official discography. Since we’re BobCats, we kept Derrick’s discs because they were so old they were collector items and we kept mine because they were newer and less scratched. We also ended up with a combine […]

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    I enjoy playing with my computer(s), listening to Bob Dylan (and related artists) and watching movies (especially if they were directed by Martin Scorsese or John Cassavetes). Sometimes, I play a little guitar... If not doing any of the above, I am either riding a small red bike around Paris, or, making videos. About my videomaking please check out World Wide Angle and its blog.