Install node.js and npm Thanks to this great post by Florian Kubis, this was quicly taken care of You need XCode and macports installed 12345678910# Install Node sudo port install nodejs # Check it works with node -v # Allow your user to write to /opt/local sudo chmod -R g+w /opt/local/ # Install NPM curl […]

That’s it, I have switched away from the flag ship text editor of all web dev running OS X. Why ? I gave Sublime Text 2 a try after upgrading to Lion. With Lion, Textmate started acting quirky. I had display bugs when closing a tab sometimes. At first, I did’t care much for Sublime’s […]

I’ve been working with .Net lately for bluekiwi on a full Microsoft environment as I am working on a Microsoft addin. Since my work also included an open source library, I was curious how this library could be used on Mac OS X. That lead me to test Mono, “an open source, cross-platform, implementation of […]

Thomas Aylott, the author of the JavaScript Bundle for Textmate, announced that he added the completion feature to his package. This is great news. as far as I know, this is the first completion made available for Textmate and I understand it is easily extended so we could see several other languages being supported soon. […]

Working remotely

December 17, 2008 | Leave a Comment

I sometimes need to remotely edit a file on a server and to do so, I would either mount the drive using netDrive (windows) and edit it with a local editor or use XMing to open the editor running on the remote machine and edit the files on the server as I was using it. […]

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