In case you are sharing a disk over network and you want it to be available on your Mac automatically at boot up, you can have it auto mount at login. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups. Make sure your user is selected on the left and go to the Login Items tab […]

About a year and a half ago, the price of Hard Drives (and their size) suddenly made it possible for us to imagine having most of our content (music, DVDs) archived on Hard Drives and easily accessible across devices. As it turns out, we are still in the process of importing some of our CDs […]

On tuesday this week, my iMac started acting up. It would boot successfully, run normally for a while but sometimes hang from 20 to 60 seconds in a row with the spinning beach ball cursor. I quickly identified two things : hangs would occur when launching apps or triggering the launcher (spotlight, Alfred) which meant […]

If you are a Mac user only, you might not be aware of the trail of files our OS leaves in every folder you open and browse but as soon as you share data/external hard drives or network drives with a Windows or Linux user (or if you use multiple OS) they become a bummer […]

Amarok on Mac OS X

December 18, 2010 | 1 Comment

After several attempts in the last few months, I finally have Amarok running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard with MacPorts. The installation went as it should with the following steps : download and install the latest version of Mac Ports for your version of OS X run sudo port selfupdate run sudo port upgrade […]

I am a fairly new Mac user but I already have two Mac computers (where does the time goes, right?). I primarely use an iMac but lately I have been running some tasks on the MacBook and the iMac at the same time. I found the constant change of keyboard and mouse difficult especially because […]

Since I got the iMac for Christmas, I only use my 3 year old MacBook when traveling. My Music and Movies collections are on the iMac and so are my apps. The problem is, when I’m traveling, I can’t sue the MacBook to synchronize my media or I loose all the existing content on my […]

Before I was a mac user, I have used Windows and Linux for several years. I still use Linux daily (via SSH) and I still see Windows running on machines all around me. From these two worlds, there are very few things that I am missing on Mac OS X. From the Windows world, I […]

So I play guitar (a little) and I used to play Guitar Hero on PS2 from time to time. Last year, for Christmas we got an XBox 360 and it was my intention all along to get Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Band to try the drums. Little did I know where it would […]

I frequently use Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux (Debian, KDE4). I have a MacBook which I use by default to browse the Internet, answer email, etc. I turn on my desktop computer and run Linux if I’m about to edit a video. If I am about to code a little something from home, […]

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