I upgraded to Lion and everything went fine. Just a minor – known – issue with MySQL server as installed by the Zend Server Community Edition. I already wrote about solving the mysql error which prevents the server from starting. Researching this again, I found more information about it. Whether running on OS X or […]

I wanted to change the location of my SQL databases in order for them to be in my user’s home folder (that way, my databases would be portable as I travel with my user’s home folder). By default, when you install mySQL on OS X, everything is located at /usr/local/mysql and the data folder (the […]

I finally decided to use a single dedicated server instead of several distinct web hosting services for the different blogs I run. I picked a Dedibox server and added a backup option to have access to an extra storage space on another computer. There are two things I want to backup : my website files […]

I switched my dev. environnement at work from MAMP to Zend Server Community Edition a while ago but was disappointed that my Mac Book could not migrate because of a MySql error. Every time I would try to run the server, I would get the following error: 1ERROR! MySQL PID file could not be found! […]

Before you jump and get a real Search Engine for your website, you might try the MySQL full text search feature. It is incredibly easy to set up. All you need to do is setup the table and fields to be searchable as full text with the following command: 1ALTER TABLE Table_Name ADD FULLTEXT(field1, field2); […]

If you ever wonder where your readers are from, if you ever need to adjust your application to the origins of its users; you can determine the geographic location of a connection by using an IP to Country table. I should start by saying that I do not always like the way websites use this […]

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