Parsing XML in C#

February 6, 2011 | 1 Comment

Lately, I dealt with webservices with C# while working on bluekiwi’s Microsoft Office Connector. The bluekiwi API sends its reponses in XML format. I had originally used DataSets to store the content of the response though I soon realize I could work just as easily with the XML itself using the XElement class. Here is […]

I worked on a very small ASP .net application this week end to test the OAuth consumer library sharpOauth against the Twitter API. When working with OAuth, there are at least two values that need to be stored in the configuration file : the consumerKey and the consumerSecret. When working in ASP .net 2.0, here […]

Following up on yesterday’s post about running .Net code on OS X, I tried running a simple ASP .net app. I didn’t go for the fancy solution which is to add a mod_mono to Apache because I only wanted to quickly test a sample code. The quick and dirty solution is called xsp and comes […]

I’ve been working with .Net lately for bluekiwi on a full Microsoft environment as I am working on a Microsoft addin. Since my work also included an open source library, I was curious how this library could be used on Mac OS X. That lead me to test Mono, “an open source, cross-platform, implementation of […]

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