Today, I was needing to use the Tumblr API which PHP class uses the php-oauth extension. So, before I could get started with Tumblr itself, I had to set a few tings up : Install Pear : 123curl -O sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar Once the pear install script starts, I decided to place […]

12wget sudo ./go-pear.phar The installer shows you a list of suggested path (in my case, they were all prefixed with the path to my user’s home directory). I didn’t agree with the suggested solution. To modify this : I chose [1] and changed the path prefix to /usr/local/pear and continued installation. Next, I edited […]

Alexandre blogged last week about how to install pman and add a contextual help within VI for PHP functions. Tthis post is merely a quick note of the procedure. I like the speed of pman as opposed to browsing I didn’t install the VI part, I use Textmate these days. The procedure is actually […]

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