CKEditor is a greatly improved version of the famous FCKEditor. The generated source code is clean and well indented, the whole thing loads faster and feels less buggy. It even looks better. What I really like though, is the new settings that allow for precise definition of what we want to encode or not and […]

If you ever wonder where your readers are from, if you ever need to adjust your application to the origins of its users; you can determine the geographic location of a connection by using an IP to Country table. I should start by saying that I do not always like the way websites use this […]

Alexandre blogged last week about how to install pman and add a contextual help within VI for PHP functions. Tthis post is merely a quick note of the procedure. I like the speed of pman as opposed to browsing I didn’t install the VI part, I use Textmate these days. The procedure is actually […]

The main trick is not to mix pear as is /usr/bin/pear and /usr/local/zend/bin/pear. If you have already installed PHPUnit using the default Mac OS X Pear, do not mix /usr/bin/phpunit and /usr/local/zend/bin/phpunit. That confusion out of the way, it seems the pear installed with the zend server is far from up to date. RUpdate it […]

Two months ago, Derrick and I opened another blog dedicated to my other main point of interest: Cinema and Video.¬†After a few weeks of writing content for our blog, quite a bit of information has accumulated. Sometimes, we find it necessary to look at our pasts posts in order to get a piece of information. […]

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    I enjoy playing with my computer(s), listening to Bob Dylan (and related artists) and watching movies (especially if they were directed by Martin Scorsese or John Cassavetes). Sometimes, I play a little guitar... If not doing any of the above, I am either riding a small red bike around Paris, or, making videos. About my videomaking please check out World Wide Angle and its blog.