Playing with my brand new ZSH prompt, I needed to get a preview of my terminal colors. To see the result above, you can : download this script [] and save it locally run it with python /path/to/ –terse When working on your prompt (or any other output you with to colorize), you can pick […]

Today, I was tempted to take control of a Windows machine remotely in console mode as I’m trying to script the launch and use of VLC. A quick Google search reveleaed the existence of the sshwindows project which is a more lightweight solution than a full cygwin installation. Here are the installation steps : Download […]

Recently, I stumbled on the Textmate droplet by Henrik Nyh allowing me to quickly open a file or a folder in Textmate by dragging it to the Finder toolbar. Since I had just setup iTerm2 and learned to script it with AppleScript, I figured I’d put the two together and create my own iTerm2 droplet. […]

At bluekiwi, I constantly have no less than 10 opened terminal sessions at the same time. Because it is so easy to launch a command in the wrong window (on the wrong server), I got used to always order my tabs the same way and always give them the same name. As I needed more […]

The FTP protocol is simple to use. In a console, type ftp <host> to connect to your host. Enter your login and password when prompted and use get to download and put to upload a file. But what about doing that in a bash script ? Here is a working example of an FTP upload […]

A little help with Grep

January 14, 2011 | 1 Comment

I was triggered by this post on ReadWriteWeb to write a small bash script to make it easy for me to use grep to look for a pattern in my source code. The post on ReadWriteWeb points to the -i -r -E -n -C –colors options to make grep recursively and case insensitively search for […]

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