We were in need of a WordPress plugin allowing us to add any HTML code in our posts for our Filmmaking blog World Wide Angle. Looking around on Google a little I stumbled upon EmbedIt by Matteo Ionescu. The plugin allows you to add a tag in your code like [HTMLx] and have it replace […]

Two months ago, Derrick and I opened another blog dedicated to my other main point of interest: Cinema and Video.¬†After a few weeks of writing content for our blog, quite a bit of information has accumulated. Sometimes, we find it necessary to look at our pasts posts in order to get a piece of information. […]

  • About Me

    photo of Samantha Halfon Samantha Halfon
    Software Engineer
    blueKiwi software
    Paris, France
    I enjoy playing with my computer(s), listening to Bob Dylan (and related artists) and watching movies (especially if they were directed by Martin Scorsese or John Cassavetes). Sometimes, I play a little guitar... If not doing any of the above, I am either riding a small red bike around Paris, or, making videos. About my videomaking please check out World Wide Angle and its blog.