I upgraded to Lion and everything went fine. Just a minor – known – issue with MySQL server as installed by the Zend Server Community Edition. I already wrote about solving the mysql error which prevents the server from starting. Researching this again, I found more information about it. Whether running on OS X or […]

The YouTube API allows a user to retrieve a lot of information about an user’s profile and his videos (his uploads, his favorite videos). For each of these videos, it also allows to retrieve a lot of information like duration, keywords, comments and trackbacks… These information are accessible without the need of an API key. […]

I switched my dev. environnement at work from MAMP to Zend Server Community Edition a while ago but was disappointed that my Mac Book could not migrate because of a MySql error. Every time I would try to run the server, I would get the following error: 1ERROR! MySQL PID file could not be found! […]

The main trick is not to mix pear as is /usr/bin/pear and /usr/local/zend/bin/pear. If you have already installed PHPUnit using the default Mac OS X Pear, do not mix /usr/bin/phpunit and /usr/local/zend/bin/phpunit. That confusion out of the way, it seems the pear installed with the zend server is far from up to date. RUpdate it […]

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